L’Emporium du Vin – Wine partner with Adams & Adams

Run by husband and wife team Alex and Mel Ignatieff,

Run by husband and wife team Alex and Mel Ignatieff,  l’Emporium di Vin is a wonderful wine warehouse in Mandelieu. Alex was the original wine buyer for Harvey Nichols in London and brings a lifetime of expertise to the amazing selection of wines available.

Offering a wide range of local wand French wines, this is also the place to seek out some international wines for when you are fed up with the local rose. Having started as a wholesale warehouse this enterprising couple opened their doors to the public last September and now offer tastings, a delivery service, and a wine search facility where they will use their network to seek out that special wine for you. Do go and visit them, even if you are just looking to stock up on your own ‘house’ wine’ then Alex and Mel will be delighted to help.

L'Emporium du Vin

Adams & Adams are delighted to be working with Alex and Mel and we will be able to offer our clients an amazing selection of wines to complement our delicious menus.

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