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Monaco Grand Prix Catering – 5 Things you Should Know


The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most important weekends in the Adams & Adams calendar. Working with clients in apartments and on yachts it draws heavily on our years of experience. If you are visiting the Monaco Grand Prix this year and need catering for your events then here are 5 things you need to know


Coming and Going - It's a nightmare! Road closures, restrictions and more. Your catering team are going to need to know their way around and be prepared to work very early and very late.


Accreditation - Your caterer will have to have the necessary permits and accreditation to come in and out of Monaco. Without this you'll be going hungry.


Experience Counts - Choosing a caterer who knows their way around the Monaco Grand Prix timing and calendar is essential. Look very carefully at who and where your caterer has worked before to avoid any nasty surprises.


Yacht Catering - Catering 'on board' is a specialist skill and needs a caterer with the experience of working on boats and with the knowledge to work with the crew already on board. If you are booking a boat then choose a caterer with experience of yacht catering.


Choose Adams & Adams - With over 13 years of experience here on the French Riviera and with many Monaco Grand Prix events under our belt then you can be confident that we will deliver our usual delicious food, stylish service and with that certain 'Grand Prix' twist. See our Testimonials page for happy Grand Prix clients.

Adams & Adams at the Monaco Grand Prix 2013

Start your Engines! The Monaco Grand Prix is one of the most iconic events in the French Riviera calendar and we are always delighted to be a part of it. In the past we have been appointed as official caterer to one of the F1 teams, catered for clients on board yachts in the port of Monaco, served a virtually 24 hour menu to clients on a gorgeous Monaco apartment and much, much more.     Catering for the Grand Prix is in itself an endurance event. Firstly, many of the access roads into Monaco are closed. Navigating around a city which has been virtually cut off is the first challenge. Then of course it's the length of the event. Most of our clients need our services for 3 or more days and we love the chance to really show what a broad spectrum of menus and dishes what we can offer. Then there are always those last minute requests for a private lunch party on one of those Monaco terraces with amazing views of the circuit. Whatever your Monaco Grand Prix event, then the team at Adams & Adams are sitting in pole position to make sure that you and your guests finish on the podium. Contact us today.