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5 Top Tips for your Event at the Cannes Film Festival


It's almost time to roll out the red carpet, dust off the tuxedo and finalise the details for your perfect Cannes Film Festival event. This is the time to see and to be seen and whether you are at the Variety party on the Croisette or planning an event at the Cannes Film Festival in a private Cannes Villa then attention to detail is everything. Adams & Adams have over 15 years of experience of organising events for clients at the Film Festival and here are our top 5 tips to ensure that your event is perfect in every detail.

Adams & Adams Cannes Film Festival


Location - Stick closely to La Croisette. Yours will probably be one of several events being held on the same evening and, if your guests have to try and grab a cab then you run the risk of a low turnout - walking distance is the name of the game. Choose one of the Cannes Croisette venues from our selection.


Date - Check your dates with the festival planning and try not to clash with some of the more exclusive and celebrated events that are the 'must have' invitation of the year. Avoiding the date of the annual Amfar charity event is always a good plan!


Invitations - It's never too early to invite your guests, add that date to the diary as soon as possible.


Menu - More and more of our clients are choosing options from our superfoods and healthy menu options and, during a major event it's always a welcome change for guests to be able to eat something delicious but that is a little lighter than the usual cocktail fayre.


Champagne - No self-respecting Film Festival event is without some great fizz and of course we are in France, home of arguably the best champagnes in the world. But our advice is to get that order in early, to avoid any issues with your first choice being available.

Cannes Film Festival with Adams & Adams

So it begins....the madness of the 2013 Cannes Film Festival begins today and we are delighted that this year we will be catering at some truly glittering occasions. We'd love to be able to share the guest list and some of the photos with you, but at Adams & Adams discretion is second nature and that's why we are an integral part of the Film Festival. When the celebrities finally sit down to a smaller, more intimate celebration, the last thing they need is another camera being pointed at them. So although we are all very excited about some of the names who will be eating Adams & Adams food over the next 10 days unfortunately we can't share it with you. Just trust us when we say that Cannes Film Festival 2013 means that Adams & Adams are sure to be running shoulders with the stars. See you on the Red Carpet.